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linear stepping motor linear actuator is essentially rotary stepper motor “unwrapped” to operate in straight line. Linear motor operates on electromagnetic principle and consists of moving “forcer” and stationary platen. The platen is passive toothed steel bar (stainless is available) extending over desired length of travel. Forcer incorporates electromagnetic modules and bearings and moves bi-directionally along the platen.

linear stepper motor is an turn-key linear actuator available with either mechanical roller bearing or air bearings.

Side and bottom mechanical bearings are built into forcer and do not require any adjustmLINEAR STEPPER MOTORS - HOW THEY WORKents by the user over the lifetime of the motor. They are permanently lubricated and exhibit very little friction.

Air bearing operates by floating the forcer on high pressure air introduced through orifices in the forcer. Air bearing motors can operate continuously at high speed without wear. Air bearing permit smaller air gap resulting in larger motor forces.

linear stepping motor linear actuators are micro-stepped by proportioning currents in two phases of the forcer, much same as in rotary stepper motors. When micro-stepper linear stepper motors following benefits are achieved:

– higher resolution for positioning

– smoothness at slow speeds

– wider speed range

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