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General Stepper Motor Driver Safety Considerations

The following safety considerations must be observed during all phases of operation, service and repair. Failure to comply with these precautions violates the safety standards of design, manufacture and intended use of the product(s). Anaheim Automation assumes no liability for the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements, and advises the misuse of its stepper motor products will void the warranty. Even well-designed and manufactured products, operated and installed improperly, can be hazardous. Safety precautions must be observed by the user with respect to the load and operating environment. Described briefly are general Safety Considerations. Please refer to the Environment Consideration’s Guide for more details.

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•Use caution when handling, testing, servicing and adjusting during all phases of installation and operation of a stepper motor system
•No service/maintenance should be performed with power applied
•Exposed circuitry should be properly guarded or enclosed to prevent unauthorized human contact with live circuitry
Stepper motor drivers/controllers should be securely mounted and adequately grounded
•Provide adequate air flow and heat dissipation for all stepper motor system components
•Do not operate a stepper motor system in the presence of flammable gases, dust, vapor or liquids

IMPORTANT NOTE: The customer is responsible for the proper selection, installation, and operation of the stepper motor products purchased from Anaheim Automation. The customer must determine the fitness of selected products for a specific application. Although it is the company’s intention to provide sound advice and accurate documentation, Anaheim Automation assumes no liability in the suggestions it offers.

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